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An election gives the people the chance to determine who governs them and what policies they support. There are many different kinds of elections and electoral customs. This site gives you quick answers about what elections are and how they work.

Originally this site started with information about the U.S. presidential election. Since then it has been expanded to cover the electoral systems of Russia and Argentina. It will be updated further and more electoral systems will be added in time.

Not only will you find information about elections around the world, you will also find editorials and comments on current elections and other events.

if your not much on reading and would rather take part in an election, head over to your-election-game.com for a match in an electoral duell. Battle against online campaign managers and lead your candidate in a virtual election to the white house.

Latest Editorials

First U.S. Presidential Debate 2016

Tonight Hillary Clinton faced off against Donald Trump in the first TV debate of the U.S. Presidential election in 2016. This was a much anticipated debate. Many were wondering how the very controversial candidate Donald Trump would fair in a 90 minute TV debate. Many questioned his ability to debate one-on-one before possibly 100 million… Read More »

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2016 Version of the Election Game Sneak Preview

Work on the new and improved election game “Your Election – Your Way to the Whitehouse” is nearing completion. The whole game has undergone a complete rehaul that will give users more of a role playing experience. An early alpha verison is scheduled to be released in the next few weeks. Today we will be… Read More »

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Brexit – The UK Votes to Leave the European Union

The feared and unexpected Brexit vote came to be on Friday morning. A slim, but clear majority of voters in the United Kingdom chose to Leave the European Union. This will mark the first time that a country has left the union and the uncertainty of this has been felt across the world in the… Read More »

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