West Virginia Primary 2016 and Nebraska

By | 10 May 2016

No spoils and no surprises in West Virginia (or Nebraska for that matter). Trump lives up to expectations. Sanders scores another expected win in the Democratic race. This changes absolutly nothing in the race. So what do we get out of this primary day?We are continuing to move toward the noination of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for their party’s candidate for the presidential election.

Trump wins big against nobody, since nobody is left in the Republican race. End of story.

Bernie Sanders wins big in West Virginia, but the math has not  changed. His win was not big enough. His campaign continues and he may continue to win primaries still to come. His chanced of winning enough delegates to surpass Clinton’s lead, though, is diminishing. He is running out of races and the proportional allotment of delegates, which has gotten him as far as he is now, is now working agianst him.

His success has been based on exciting Obama supporters who are on the left edge of the democratic liberal spectrum. These are people who do not want a stable and steady course in achieving liberal goals. These are people, who want radical and direct changes to the system.

He continues to profit from a skepticism held against the Clintons and Hillary Clinton in particular. She is not a new exciting candidate. Her husband was a successful but also controversial President of the United States. He overcomes the controversies due to his charismatic personality. Hillary lacks the charisma.  She has her strengths. Competence and expertise are her stronges, but these sometimes comes across as arrogant and cold. Due to this she will suffer some of the same problems Al Gore had in the 200o presidential campaign.

Sanders is not continuing his campaign to actually try to gain the nomination, which he will not adimt at this time, for obvious reasons. He is pushing his agenda and his attacks today on Donald Trump can be seen as a small hint that he will stand behind the Democratic nominee in the general election. He will shift his attention to defeating the Republicans in November. This will be a much needed help for Hillary Clinton, who will need many allies, who can compensate her lack of charisma,  rhetoric and ability to energize voters.

We now look forward to the next contests and maybe even more Sanders wins. The attention the Republican race will be getting is now will be on how Donald Trump conducts himself and whether he and the Republican Party can get together.