Super Tueday Primary Finale

By | 8 June 2016

Today marks the last major contest of the U.S. Presidential Primary Season. Democratic hopefull Bernie Sanders had his last chance to stay in the race and came up short. Hillary Clinton was able to easily win New Jersey, South Dakota, New Mexico and California, which she did in a commanding  fashion. She has made history as the first female candidate for a major party in the history of the United States.

The primary season comes to an end and two candidates have emerged. We will have a contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the general U.S. Presidential Election in November.

It went up to the wire, which few expected, but Hillary Clinton by winning New Jersey and California has finally clinched the nomination of the Democratic Party. She will run against the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump, who is the final contestand in his party’s nomination process.

She did not cruse to the nomination. Bernie Sanders gave her a run for her money and the question is: did he weaken her chances of winning the general election? It may have seemed like it for a  while, but as the dust settles it will actually have helped her.

Bernie Sanders got hard core Democrates excited. He got the young generation excited. He did this much in the same way Barack Obama did in 2008. These supportes will eventually fall in behind Hillary Clinton. The excitement Obama created in 2008 will have a chance to continue without Sanders. The Original is still here. Barack Obama will take part in this election and throw his weight behind Hillary Clinton. Eventually those Sanders supporters will put their dissapointment behind them and support her.

Trump remains unpredictable. He has surprised many political “experts” and “arm-chair” experts. He has continued to get support although he has broken almost every rule for acceptable candidate behavior.

This worked well for him in the primaries and caucuses, but it will be interesting to see how a broad based electorate will react to this behavior.

Trump’s unpredictability will definately keep the election unpredictable and we will definately be looking forward to the general election campaign.