First U.S. Presidential Debate 2016

By | 26 September 2016

Tonight Hillary Clinton faced off against Donald Trump in the first TV debate of the U.S. Presidential election in 2016. This was a much anticipated debate. Many were wondering how the very controversial candidate Donald Trump would fair in a 90 minute TV debate. Many questioned his ability to debate one-on-one before possibly 100 million viewers. It is difficult to say for sure after such a debate who really prevailed, but it was quite clear that he struggled to keep his head above water.One of the biggest topics going into the debate was the difference in how the candidates were preparing for the event. Clinton put a lot of work into debate prep. Donald went the other way and seemed to rely on his ability to wing it. There was a big interest in which strategy would work better.

The outcome was that Clinton was able to handle the questions and respond to attacks from Donald Trump effectively. She was able to land some stunning statements. She remained composed and was able to place messages important to her.

Donand Trump had difficulties. He even had problems stepping around questions and made several very controversial statements. After an early stable performance he fell more and more into an awkward defensive position failing to answer tough questions about his business ventures and tax returns. He was often responding not dominated the direction of the debate.

It will be interesting to see how this debate will be judged in the next few days. It seems, though, that the viewers were given a debate that kept them interested and was a lively but relatively civil clash of the two candidates. There were plenty of one-liners that will very likely be criss-crossing the internet in the next few month. A few of these are “400 pound hacker sitting on his bed”, “Trumpedup trickle down”, “Stamina”, “that’s business”, “I’m smart” for not paying taxes, “Words matter”.

Poll results will be coming in and will give a certain picture of who did better in the debate. The online trading platforms have already been moving and are giving Hillary Clinton an advantage. These platforms will react to the polls, though, if they come out with a different view of the debate. The first signs are in Clinton’s favor, though. The first poll coming out right after the debate is giving Clinton an advantage. The consensus in the after-debate TV conversations also see Clinton as prevailing.

There are more debates coming and a lot more will happen until the election on November 8. Tonight Hillary Clinton’s performance or maybe more accurately Donald Trump’s performace will give the Clinton campaign a boost. Waiting now for what comes next.