2016 Vice Presidential U.S. Election Debate

By | 4 October 2016

After a strong showing for Hillary Clinton in the first TV Debate last week, the vice presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence faced off tonight in their own VP-Debate. Kaine came off overly aggressive at the beginning. Pence was able to retain his composure and will come away as winning the debate on points. All in all the debate was difficult to keep interested in. The constant interruptions made it difficult to listen to the actual arguments put out by the candidates. The question is what will stick from this debate?

If Kaine had retained composure he might have won this debate. He made a lot of strong points against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton. The constant interrupting, and the way he interrupted were distracting and gave the image of being nervous and not in command of the debate.

Pence did not really make many strong points, but by retaining composure, he gave the appearence that he was on top of the debate. This was especially so at the beginning. He clearly has a much stronger debating ability than Trump showed. His background as governor and radio talk show host gave him a strong advantage and he is being credited with a pollished performance.

The question what will remain in the publics memory from this debate often depends on what is transported by the media and social media. One major point that the Clinton team hopes will stick is what they see as Pence not defending Trump on many key issues and statements that the candidate has made in the course of the election. The line that might stick from tonight’s debate is Pence’s “…whip out that Mexican thing…”.

The vp-debates have nevery really had a strong influence on the election, but it could slow the slide Trump got into after his first debate with Clinton. It may also still work in Clinton’s favor if the impression sticks that Pence could not defend (or would not defend) Trump. The next day or two will let us know more. The next debate between Clinton and Trump, though, should have a much stronger impact on the election and give Trump the opportunity to regain his footing or completely bury himself.

It will be interesting to see how this will be spun by the media and the impressesion that prevails on twitter and other social media.