Second 2016 U.S. Presidential Debate

By | 9 October 2016

After an extremely weak performance in the first U.S. presidential debate all eyes were focused on the second debate tonight. The release of the #TrumpTapes added even more interest in how Trump would appear tonight. Would he completely unhinge? A very difficult position for both candidates. Trump did derail at the beginning but somehow managed to ge back on track towards the end, which will very likey give him the formal win. How will this affect the election?

This was a “make-it-or-break-it” night for Donald Trump. He made it. He saved his canidadacy and will continue. Was his performance tonight enough to reverse the course of the election. It might, but most likely it will just stop the hemorrhaging. The Republican party are now no longer seriously considering dropping him as a candidate.

The more important goal of the night for him after the second debate, though, was to turn the tide and regain voters in the middle of the spectrum. His performance did not help him in that area. He continued to alienate minority voters.

He also made several statements that were extremely controversial and potentially damaging. It will be interessting to see how these statements will play out in the next few days.

He leaves the debate having stabilized his position. Can he now move on and regain the massive amount of ground that he lost after the second debate, will remain to be seen.

The third debate will play as much of a critical role in the election as the first three. What happens in the mean time, will also remain to be seen.