Argentine Elections

Flag of ArgentinaArgentina’s government is similar to that of the United States. It has a president, two houses of legislators and a supreme court. Although the constitution of 1853 declared Argentina a representative democratic republic, universal suffrage didn’t come about until 1912 for men and 1947 for men and women (no suffrage does not mean people are suffering, it actually means the right to vote – don’t believe me check out Meriam Webster definition of suffrage).

The universal right to vote, however, did not guarantee democracy in Argentina. To put it simply, they had to go through a back and forth of military dictatorships and freely elected presidents. One of the most famous was Juan Perón. Those of you who are fans of Madonna probably have heard of his wife Eva or Evita.

The reoccurring military coups ended after the devastating defeat at the hands of the Brits in the 1982 Falkland Islands War. Since then all Presidents of Argentina have been freely elected. The fact that Argentina has gone through very rough economic crises without any further coups, is a sign of hope that the future presidents will also be freely elected.

How are presidents in Argentina elected, though? What other elections are held in Argentina and how do they work? If your interested check out the following articles:

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