Argentine Presidential Elections

Flag of ArgentinaAs in the United States, Argentina also has a president at the head of the government. The presidential elections in Argentina, though, are not exactly like those in the United States. For one there are no electors. For another there may have to be two elections to decide who wins.

There is really not much magic to the presidential elections in Argentina. Every four years elections are held for the president and vice president, who run on the same ticket called a “formula” (sounds more like the stuff they feed babies, but I guess you could consider a mix of president and vice president a formula).

They are elected by popular vote. That means the voters go to the polls and vote for the candidate they want to become president. The votes are tallied and if one “formula” receives more than 45% of all valid votes tallied ( hmm… are hanging chads valid in Argentina), they win outright. They are also elected in the first round if they get more than 40% and the closest second place “formula” is more than 10% points behind. If no formula achieves a victory by either way, you guessed it, a second round of elections is held between the two formulas with the largest number of votes. The formula with the majority of votes then wins the election.

A president may be elected to multiple terms, but only two consecutive terms. That means after serving two terms in a row the president must take a break and sit out at least one term before running again.

That is about it.

If your looking for more information, or to see if I am making this up here are some other web resources on Argentine elections:

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