Well if you’re looking at this page, you’ve probably already asked yourself the question, “Whats the mission of this site?” On the other hand you might have just clicked here by accident.

Well in case you really do want to know, here’s why…

I have always been fascinated by elections. I don’t really know why, but if you twisted my arm and forced me come up with a reason, I would have to say that elections are really one of the few times where all citizens of a country can take part in influencing the country’s future by picking who will make decisions for the country and lead it.

I like to believe that his vote can make a difference. Unfortunately too many don’t bother to take advantage of this great opportunity to use their influence no matter how small it may be.

Well, whatever you may think about voting, this site will give you information about how the Presidents of the United States are elected. I explain how the System works and offer links to the sites I find most helpful.

This site also offers a game – YourElection – your way to the white house, where players can try their hand at running for president of the United States.

Now you know more or less why I’ve set up this site. I admit that I am curious as to why you are here. Please feel free to drop me a e-mail and let me know. Comments and tips are also welcome.

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